Stingray Pendants, Stingray Jewelry

Nobody knows exactly how long the stingrays can live. They say their lifespan ranges from 15 up to 25 years. Though stingrays are associated with something very angry and furious, but in fact they are peaceful and good-tempered and their ability to sting is only a matter of protection. We have some very sweet Stingrays in stock - they look friendly and chick and will surely gladden you with its site. It symbolizes freedom and wisdom, elegance and protection. Furthermore, do you often come across such sort of pendants as Stingray Pendants? Rarely? Never? So why not to start a trend?

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Sterling Silver Stingray CharmSterling Silver Stingray CharmRetail Price: $21.91
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Sterling Silver Stingray Brooch PendantSterling Silver Stingray Brooch PendantRetail Price: $146.00
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