Starfish Jewelry

Starfish... They are something from your childhood. Remember playing on the seashore, while being on holidays with your parents at sea. At that time you used to find many interesting things on the shore. And once your mother showed you a starfish. These creatures seized your imagination for several days after. And since then, you from time to time see somewhere starfish and recollect those sweet memories of your childhood. Starfish traditionally have five arms, but sometimes they can have even more. And if they lose one of their arms, they can regenerate it! Although starfish are called so, they are not at all fish - they are animals. And you know. they have eyes and eat with their stomachs! We offer you to have a look at our cuties here and choose one or several starfish for you! If you look at them attentively, and switch on your imagination, you'll see that each of our pieces of Starfish Jewelry has its personal character - we have kind, childish, funky, serious, funny, delicate, luxurious, thin or plump starfish. Make your choice and select the starfish, which will become your appearance and suit your character.

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Sterling Silver Starfish Charm. Size: 13x22mmSterling Silver Starfish Charm. Size: 13x22mmRetail Price: $14.35
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Sterling Silver Starfish Charm. Size: 12x18mmSterling Silver Starfish Charm. Size: 12x18mmRetail Price: $15.18
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Sterling Silver Starfish Charm. Size: 15x33mmSterling Silver Starfish Charm. Size: 15x33mmRetail Price: $21.11
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