Seashore Theme / Sea Life

They say that various 'sea things', such as seashells, tiny starfish, etc. were among the first fineries to make ancient women noticeable. So nowadays whether you are crazy about sea or not really, we are sure that our Seashore Theme jewelry will give a buzz to you! Now imagine yourself walking along the shore of the sea in some light clothes or swimming suit and of course adorned with a pair of Sterling Silver Sea Life Earrings or a tiny exquisite Seashore Theme Bracelet, which are bound to finish up your inimitable fashion! All these bracelets, slides, pendants and earrings are somewhat universal and it goes without saying that you will be able to wear them not only at the seaside, but also in the city and in the country in summer time.

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14K Yellow Gold Sea Life Ball Chain Slide14K Yellow Gold Sea Life Ball Chain SlideRetail Price: $333.78
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14K Gold Sea Life Theme Bracelet14K Gold Sea Life Theme BraceletRetail Price: $877.13
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