Pelican Jewelry

Have you ever come across the fact that pelicans are those birds, which have the biggest beaks in the world? And in them they can store up to 11,5 liters of water - only imagine what an amazing bird pelican is! As for pelican's symbolism, it's also a very interesting story. Have you ever heard that Jesus is paralleled to a pelican?! And here is a legend. Before even Christianity, in the times of hunger, one mother-pelican, when she had no food to feed her children and when she saw that they were starving, she wounded herself and fed them on her blood, but then she died. So like this pelican, Jesus gave his life for all the manhood sins and died. Actually that is why the Christians gave a pelican pride to represent in some way Jesus Christ. From this we actually realize that a pelican is a symbol of mothers' love to their children. But if you are not into religion, or if you haven't thought so deep into the question, if you are just keen on these amazing birds - we are still glad to offer you some interesting samples of these cute birds here: gold, silver, with some gemstones or without them, flying ones or not. Pelicans are here - hurry!

Pelican Jewelry: 3 items
Sterling Silver Antiqued Pelican PendantSterling Silver Antiqued Pelican PendantRetail Price: $18.60
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Sterling Silver Pelican CharmSterling Silver Pelican CharmRetail Price: $19.94
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14K Yellow Gold Pelican Pendant14K Yellow Gold Pelican PendantRetail Price: $100.05
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