Pearl Stud Earrings

A pearl history is said to be one of the oldest of the gems. For a long time pearl many civilizations valued the unforgettable beauty of a pearl and there is no wonder that all connected with pearl is surrounded by a number of myths. The numerous legends about this gorgeous gem are found in lots of Eastern civilizations. In Polynesia, where pearls are especially abandoning, these gems were presented by the God of Harmony and Beauty, and later their incomparable beauty inspired him for the creation of stars. According to one Ceylon legend, those were Adam & Eve's tears that created a pearl lake. The difference of those pearls was only in color. Pink and white pearls belonged to Eve, while grey and black pearls were Adam's ones. As men's tears are rarer, dark are more precious. Persians believed that darker versions were made by a thundering sky, while colorful pearls were the children of the rainbow. A pearl was said to give its owner luck in power, love and money. As it's also a symbol of everything pure and sincere, it was considered to build up one's relationships and present wisdom. Greeks thought a pearl to prevent women from crying and support a bride in her wedding. Even nowadays a pearl is still a nice wedding talisman for many people all over the world. We offer you a luxurious collection of pearl stud earrings. These wonderful pairs of the gentlest gem are longing to accompany any of your outfits from avant-garde to classics! A perfect present for all times and occasions!

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14k 6-6.5mm Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings14k 6-6.5mm Cultured Pearl Stud EarringsRetail Price: $56.26
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14k 7-7.5mm Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings14k 7-7.5mm Cultured Pearl Stud EarringsRetail Price: $64.86
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