Pearl Rings

A pearl is said to be one of the oldest decorations in the world. And even now, when the man has already known many facts of its origin, it still has lots of secrets. The first reminding about the pearl is a Sumerian earthen tablet, which is about 4 thousand years old. On that time the pearl was called "the eye of fish", as the pearl resembles its form. In ancient China this tiny piece of jewelry was the main decoration. In this country there appeared a tradition to give the form of a pearl to other gemstones, some time later it came to Japan and then spread worldwide. The pearl is one of the most legendary and mysterious gems, that's why for many centuries it's a symbol of beauty, tenderness and femininity. Only the pearl is used for jewelry without any special working. At that time it was especially popular with women of different civilizations. Before the 15th century, when the methods of engraving diamonds and other gems had not been invented, the pearl was the most popular and expensive gem. In ancient times Greek and Roman women wore the pearl jewelry as it was supposed to protect from the ordeals of one-way love. It is said that Semiarid preferred necklaces of a pink pearl, while Cleopatra owned a huge collection of a pearl jewelry. In the Middle Ages only three gems competed with one another, they were ruby, emerald and pearl. The pearl was enormously fashionable in the era of Renaissance. Any unreligious ceremony was a parade of a pearl jewelry. If one look at the women portraits of that time, he will definitely see pearl necklaces. In the 16th century petty pearl was also used to decorate dresses and other clothes. Now we are eager to represent you a unique collection of pearl rings, which are longing to break your heart!

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Sterling Silver Mother Of Pearl RingSterling Silver Mother Of Pearl RingRetail Price: $79.24
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14K White Gold Cultured Pearl Ring14K White Gold Cultured Pearl RingRetail Price: $444.69
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14k 6mm Pearl A Diamond ring14k 6mm Pearl A Diamond ringRetail Price: $329.06
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Fresh Water Pearl Diamond Heart Shape YG RingFresh Water Pearl Diamond Heart Shape YG RingRetail Price: $430.10
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Freshwater Pearl Diamond RingFreshwater Pearl Diamond RingRetail Price: $593.40
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