Pearl Earrings

For centuries people of different epochs and civilizations used to decorate themselves with all kinds of materials - gemstones, metals, wood and glass. But a pearl was always meant to be a special product. There is some supposition that its name takes its origin from a Chinese word. In ancient China there was a common belief that a pearl fell down from the heavens, as the dragons were fighting with each other and that formed the drops of the rain. It's an obvious fact that a pearl is one of the oldest decorations in the world. Many years ago a man wandered in the search of some food and suddenly found something really perfect, hidden inside of the shell-fish. At that time he even could not imagine that this little piece of beauty would conquer the humanity. The birth of a pearl is wrapped by lots of legends. In ancient times the Greeks believed that it was formed from the tears of sea nymphs, while the Slavic people thought it to be the reflection of the lightning. Even nowadays a pearl still has its secrets. A pearl is the most mysterious and amazing among all gems. It is the symbol of beauty, femininity, tenderness. No wonder it was so popular with women of different civilizations. The queens and rich women of all times favored pearl for its simple beauty. Semiarid was said to prefer necklaces of pink pearl, while Cleopatra owned a huge hussy of a pearl jewelry. Greek and Roman women wore a pearl jewelry as it was supposed to protect from the ordeals of one-way love. Today we offer you a brilliant collection of pearl earrings, which will definitely present a special accent to any of your outlooks! Just have a look and you will fall in love with our pearl jewelry!

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14k 6-6.5mm Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings14k 6-6.5mm Cultured Pearl Stud EarringsRetail Price: $56.26
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Freshwater Pearl Diamond EarringsFreshwater Pearl Diamond EarringsRetail Price: $848.70
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14k 6mm Cultured Pearl Earrings14k 6mm Cultured Pearl EarringsRetail Price: $39.56
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14k 5mm Pearl Leverback Earrings14k 5mm Pearl Leverback EarringsRetail Price: $94.55
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