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For a long time pearl many civilizations valued the magic beauty of a pearl and there is no surprise that all connected with pearl is surrounded by a net of legends and myths. In most of the cultures pearl is a symbol of love and purity. But there also exist lots of pearl superstitions. Many people state that pearls symbolize one's tears. And depending on whom you listen to, it can have good or bad consequences. The old wives tend to say that presenting pearls to a romantic interest leads to bad luck, because they will eventually separate the lovers. Others insist that if a bride is wearing pearls, it will keep her from crying during her wedding. Even nowadays pearls are perhaps one of the greatest engagement or anniversary wedding gifts! However, long ago ancient Indian war men decorated their swords with pearls to symbolize the sorrow and grief of the battle. Pearl was also said to ward off evil, that's why sailors and solders were likely to carry pearl for their protection. Nowadays, some divers still take pearls to protect them from dangerous creatures of the sea. The Hindus considered pearl to be a symbol of fertility and they believed that if a woman kept a pearl under her pillow, she would conceive. Even today people of India present pearls as a wedding gift as they hope that it will help the bride to bear many children. In China pearls are associated with dragons and they are thought to prevent one's home from fire. By the way, they say that the value of a pearl depends on this or that shade. If you are the owner of a blue pearl, you'll find your love, if you have a black one, you'll become prosperous. And if you own a pink pearl, you will definitely be successful. Nowadays the pearl is still among the most adorable gems, which are especially popular with young women, brides and those, who prefer classic style. We offer you a perfect collection of pearl bracelets, which will amaze you to a great extent!

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