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The history of using a pearl includes not a single century. In different civilizations a pearl has been used in medicines, cosmetics, paints and of course decorations. Various nations invented their own traditions and methods of using all kinds of a pearl. The Indians of South America used a river pearl and later it was called "American". In southern coastal countries a sea pearl became more popular and the best of its varieties was mined in Polynesia and the Persian Gulf. The pearl that was found in the Persian Gulf was named "oriental" and it still has the reputation of the most valuable one. At the beginning of the 20th century the world market got to know a Japanese cultivated pearl, which was grown artificially. Its shape and luster do not trail those of a natural one. Nowadays the majority of artificial pearl is grown by Chinese and Australian companies. A pearl is said to be the official birthstone for June, it's one of the best talisman for such star sighs as Gemini and Cancer. Traditionally, a pearl is presented on the first wedding anniversary, as well as on the 30th anniversary. Being a symbol of purity, hope and tenderness, a pearl jewelry may be a perfect present for a wedding or somebody's anniversary. By the way, the summer season is coming soon and it's our great and distinct pleasure to represent to you the hottest collection of pearl anklets for any occasion! We offer you a new collection of pearl anklets, which will make your feel even more beautiful! Be stylish! Become the queen of the beach! Or make a really unforgettable gift for those, you love!

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