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A pearl is one of the most ancient decorations in the world. Using a pearl for various purposes, such as medicine, cosmetics and jewelry, has a long history. The first reminding about the pearl was found on a Sumerian earthen tablet, dating about 4 thousand years. The civilizations of the East valued the unforgettable beauty of a pearl and there is no surprise that these cultures are rich in legends and myths about this organic gem. In old China there appeared a tradition to give the form of a pearl to other gemstones, some time later it came to Japan and then spread worldwide. The pearl is one of the most legendary and mysterious gems, that's why for many centuries it's a symbol of womanhood, tenderness and femininity. Throughout the history of the world the pearl and religion are closely united. In the Eastern world a pearl is a symbol of perfection. In Koran a pearl is mentioned several times, and even the description of Paradise includes the variety of pearls. In India the pearl is associated with the moon and it ranks second after a diamond. There also existed a myth that the pearl was formed in the brains of elephants. For many centuries the Hindus believe a pearl to be a symbol of love and purity. In medieval Europe the pearl the pearl was associated with religious purity in Christianity. By the way, the pearl was extremely popular in the era of Renaissance. Any unreligious ceremony was a parade of a pearl jewelry. If you look at the women portraits of that time, he will definitely see pearl jewelry. In the 16th century petty pearl was also used to decorate dresses and other clothes. We represent you a brilliant collection of pearl jewelry, ready to satisfy even the most capricious buyer! Please yourself with this sparkling beauty!

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