Manatee Jewelry

Manatees or 'sea cows' as they are commonly called will definitely perk up your and everybody's around mood. They appeared over 60 million years ago - can you imagine that?! Manatees look so sweet and pretty, besides they are believed to be very friendly by nature that you can't but smile at seeing them, or Manatee Jewelry of course! Thanks to its character and probably appearance, manatees symbolize trust, gentleness and calmness. Manatee Jewelry can become an ideal gift for children, for future mothers or you just can gladden yourself with some Manatee Earrings. Buy your 'sea cow' now!

Manatee Jewelry: 5 items
Sterling Silver Manatee with Baby CharmSterling Silver Manatee with Baby CharmRetail Price: $30.71
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Sterling Silver Manatees BraceletSterling Silver Manatees BraceletRetail Price: $71.44
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14k Double Manatee Pendant14k Double Manatee PendantRetail Price: $175.49
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