Dolphin Jewelry

People have been arguing for ages already on the question of dolphins' intelligence. Some scientists state that dolphins are really smart and that they can easily understand people, but still there is very little evidence and few proofs of such facts. Nevertheless these creatures are known to be very friendly, kind, extremely sociable (they live in groups - never on their own, and they often search people's boat and swim by its side, trying to play with humans) and funny mammals. There are hundreds of cases when dolphins saved people's lives when they were drowning. It will probably be interesting to learn for that dolphins can sleep only with one half of their brain and with one eye closed - it is so, because if they fall into a proper sleep, then they will suffocate in the water. So while sleeping they move very slowly and fall asleep only with half of their body. There are many people who endue dolphins with some healing powers. Anyway our collection of these adorable sea animals are here in front of you, enumerating dolphin charms, rings, pendants, anklets, toe rings, and earrings of all imaginable kinds. Dolphins and sea summer holidays are inseparable - hurry to buy!

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Sterling Silver Small Dolphin CharmSterling Silver Small Dolphin CharmRetail Price: $4.93
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Silver-tone CZ Dolphins NecklaceSilver-tone CZ Dolphins NecklaceRetail Price: $6.84
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Sterling Silver Antiqued Dolphin PendantSterling Silver Antiqued Dolphin PendantRetail Price: $12.49
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Sterling Silver 3D Hollow Dolphin CharmSterling Silver 3D Hollow Dolphin CharmRetail Price: $15.53
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