Anchor Charms and Pendants

Modern charms and pendants are usually a decorative accessory. However, long centuries ago these were personal items. Through the history of a mankind this jewelry used to have different functions. The tradition of wearing this piece of jewelry started with various kinds of amulets and talismans in order to ward off bad luck. In ancient cultures people wore charms and pendants as symbols of one's belief. In the dark ages charms were used by soldiers and war men to protect them in the battles. In some countries charms and pendants represented family origin, religion preferences or a nationality background. In the middle of the last century these pieces of jewelry became incredibly popular with American teenagers, who collected charms and pendants as a memento of some prominent life events. After the immense success of Pirates of the Caribbean, anchor charms and pendants have become a fashionable trend of summer. So if you are simply a sea lover or a romantic person, our new variety of anchor charms and pendants is waiting for you!

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Sterling Silver Antiqued Anchor PendantSterling Silver Antiqued Anchor PendantRetail Price: $10.18
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Sterling Silver Antiqued Anchor CharmSterling Silver Antiqued Anchor CharmRetail Price: $27.01
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