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The signs of the first jewelry, dating more than 70 thousand years, were found in Africa. The ancient necklaces and bracelets were made of shells, bone, teeth, berries and stones. Very often jewelry was hung on animal sinew or carved bone. Most jewelry has been used to show a certain social status, so that in some civilizations, like Roman Empire, only the highest ranks were allowed to wear it. The popularity of jewelry was in its blossom even in the ancient Egypt; where gold became the metal number one due to its rarity and luxury. However, the Egyptians preferred colored glass to precious gemstones, as the color of the jewelry played the most important role. It was believed, that a certain color had a special impact on its wearer. For example, green jewelry was meant to influence fertility. Nowadays a modern person has a perfect opportunity to wear jewelry just for his own pleasure! We represent you the hot collection of this summer season - anchor jewelry! Wear anchor jewelry! Be on the top of fashion!

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Sterling Silver Antiqued Anchor PendantSterling Silver Antiqued Anchor PendantRetail Price: $10.18
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Sterling Silver Anchor Mini EarringsSterling Silver Anchor Mini EarringsRetail Price: $13.59
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Sterling Silver Antiqued Anchor CharmSterling Silver Antiqued Anchor CharmRetail Price: $27.01
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