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Welcome to Body Jewelry Ocean.com - the place where you'll find all imaginable kinds of jewelry for your body. Earrings, necklaces, charms, chains, crosses, pendants, rings and other jewelry pieces for your collection are made of precious and semi-precious metals and materials. You can make your choice looking through our collections of silver jewelry, white and yellow gold jewelry, jewelry decorated with diamonds and plain jewelry pieces.
We offer you the largest collection of jewelry with gemstones. There are various kinds of gems and each has its own beauty, meaning and history. Its magnificent beauty, color and brilliantness made the ruby one of the most valuable gemstones. Red is the color of passion, true love and power. "The king of gemstones" symbolizes life. The name emerald means green gemstone considered to as a holy gemstone bringing good luck. It's known that green is the symbol of love and beauty, the color of Venus in ancient Rome. Blue, yellow, purple, orange and pink sapphires symbolize harmony, sympathy and are considered to possess such qualities as durability and constancy. Black opal, white opal, boulder opal, fire opal, crystal or milk opal, opal matrix are sparkling with all colors of the rainbow and get the healing power. Topaz (a gemstone protecting from enemies and symbolizing splendor and beauty) can be green, blue, light blue, yellow, yellow-brown, honey-yellow, flax, brown, red, pink or can have no color at all. The radiant green shine of peridot perfectly suits summer atmosphere and clothes. The fine blue shades of aquamarine (the gemstone of the sky and sailor's lucky stone made it the most popular gemstone among women). Citrine, also called gold topaz, can be presented in lemon yellow color and the shades of yellow up to reddish brown. Tourmaline has a large number of faces and you won't find two identical tourmalines because of their color spectrum and ability to change it during the day. Classical black onyx suits everybody and everything and adds you something magical. The protector of people turquoise combines the shades of the blue sky and green see. We also offer you such gemstones as amethyst, garnets, tanzanite, kunzite, quartz, zircon, alexandrite, agate, pearls and others.
We can offer you jewelry for men, women and children which will satisfy all demands and tastes. We follow new fashion trends and don't forget about classics. We have new arrivals regularly to give you the possibility to choose among best jewelry pieces of different styles. All jewelry pieces at our store passed quality and medical tests to be durable and safe for you. We provide you with quality customer service and guaranteed security of your credit card information, order and all other kinds of private information. Thank you for visiting Body Jewelry Ocean.com. Let's enjoy the gifts of nature together!